Hosting A Virtual Summit Has Never Been Easier

Ever host or think about hosting a virtual summit, only to realize how confusing and time consuming it is? Well those days are over. Virtual Summits Software ™ handles all the heavy lifting and gives you everything you need to host your very own virtual summit.

We Know Summits

Designed for Summits

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Build Better Summits

Quickly & Easily build a successful & profitable Virtual Summit.  Everything you need in one platform.

Affordable Pricing

One small fee.  We don’t charge you per attendee like the other guys.  Because we are affordable pricing. 

Customer Support

You actually get to talk to a HUMAN BEING.  Seriously! Hop on a zoom and talk with us.  We are here to support you. 

Quick & Easy

That’s us! There is no quicker or easier way to host a profitable summit than us!  

Host A Summit

Hosting a summit is one of the most powerful ways to grow your email list, connect with influencers, build your authority, and generate revenue!

Become the Expert​

By bringing together a group of thought leaders, you'll be considered one yourself.

Earn Serious Cash

With good speakers in your lineup and a solid marketing strategy, many summits can make a generous amount of revenue from their summit.

Grow Your List

Rapidly build your targeted lists, which will help lead to even more revenue down the road.

Grow your influence

Virtual Summits are the most powerful way to build an audience, Grow your influence, and generate revenue, and now you can do it on any budget, without a team, and no tech skill needed.  

Build An Audience Immediately.

With a summit you build an audience immediately.  Generate your first 1,000 leads or your next 10,000.  That’s the power of a summit.

No more expensive, failed funnels.

Instead of paying someone to build out another flopped funnel, host a summit that uses the power of “collaborative marketing” which brings together an audience that looks to you as the expert.

No Team? No Problem.

Our platform is like having a Virtual Assistant, a website builder, and a community manager all working for you to create the perfect summit. 

Stop wasting money on ads that don’t pay off.

With a Virtual Summit you generate an audience without having to spend a bunch of money on ads.  It’s the best way to build your audience and not break the bank. 

virtual summits software

Seamless Collaboration

Everything you need to host a summit in one simple, affordable platform.

Summit Pages

Everything you need to market, run, and host your summit is included in our platform. 

Summit Offers

We have what you need to make a profitable summit and generate lots of revenue.

Summit Deliverables

Give the attendees what they need instantaneously.  We handle that, so you don’t have to. 

Summit Live

It works.  Every time.  No need to worry about your summit when it goes live.  It works, every time.