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Sales Funnels Are Failing You and Here's Why...

It’s not your fault.

For the last 10 years, everyone has been telling you to build a marketing sales funnel… 

And it used to work!

But now, they’re failing you, and there are 3 reasons why:

  1. You have to pay for the ads before you make sales.
  2. Your sales funnel is competing with multi-million dollar companies.
  3. Everyone knows your “free lead magnet” is just a trick to make them buy something.

And that’s exactly why you need to create a virtual summit today!

Virtual summits work better:

  1. You get paid BEFORE you pay for ads (through sponsors who give you cash just for mentioning their name during your summit).
  2. You’ll be the industry leader and one of the first to run a virtual summit in your space.
  3. Your customers will receive a ton of value and be happy to pay you for the summit itself, as well as your core offers, services, and digital programs.

Get Paid First, 

Before You Buy Ads

Become an Industry Leader

Give Real Value. 

Make Sales Easily.

Hosting A Virtual Summit Has Never Been Easy

What Is a Virtual Summit?

A virtual summit is basically a digital event where speakers give valuable information to your customers. It’s an online series of interviews and interactive content that allows you to position yourself as the industry leader.

And with Virtual Summits Software, you can quickly and easily set up your entire summit… and start collecting new leads and high-ticket sales.

Anyone Can Do It.

No Coding. No Design. No Cheesy Sales Pitches.

One of the best things about virtual summits is that you don’t have to be a sleazy salesman to be successful.

It’s all about sharing useful info and amazing bonus gifts with your audience so that they trust you… and become loyal customers.

Just have a few fun interviews with people in your industry, get paid by your sponsors, and launch a successful summit!

Here’s What You Get Inside Virtual Summits Software:

Anyone Can Do It.

Make a Profit Before You Pay for Ads.

One of the great things about a virtual summit is that you get paid, sponsors.

(No one will pay to be mentioned in your old sales funnel… but an industry-leading virtual summit is a huge opportunity for businesses, and they’re happy to pay you for it!)

With Virtual Summit Software, you can get sponsors, lock them in, and get paid before you run any ads for your summit.

Get Everything You Need
to Run a Summit.


Highlight your different sponsor tiers on the landing and membership site.


Collect and add bonuses (or giveways) to different membership levels


Collect and add bonuses (or giveways) to different membership levels

Manage Attendees

View your full list of summit attendees, and a breakdown of membership levels.

Membership Site

Where attendees can access presentations, giveaways, and more.

Landing Page Builder

Easily create a professional landing page and promote your summit in mins

Membership Levels

Create custom levels that allow you offer different content based on cost.

Membership Levels

Create custom levels that allow you offer different content based on cost.

Mailing Lists Integrations

Interested in collecting free tier users into a list? We provides an easy way to integrate your favorite mailer providers with Virtual Summits.
Virtual Summits Software

Start Your 14-Day Free Trial Today.

If you want to run a successful summit, you have two options:

  1. Build a website, host the interviews, find a payment processor, pay a web host to manage all your bonus content and videos, create a speaker form, make a membership site for your audience, and make sure it all has secure encryption, or… 
  2. Get Virtual Summits Software.

It took us 9 months to create this software, and doing all that work from scratch could cost you well over $10,000.

For less than $100 a month, you can build a virtual summit that brings in a huge audience, grows your list, and generates sales… all while getting you paid by sponsors!

Just one summit hosted on our software generated over $19,000 for a 5-day event.

What will YOUR summit achieve?

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Your business isn’t just a way to make money.

It’s your passion.

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Whether you’re sharing a new way to stay healthy, life-changing motivation, or a smarter way to run a business, your message matters.

With Virtual Summits Software, it’s incredibly easy to build a summit, generate an audience, and expand your business.

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