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Lattice Engagement is the first of its kind employee experience solution that helps companies identify what keeps employees engaged

Speaker Creation

Add your summit speakers with one click of a button. You can choose to add their speaker details or let the speakers fill out their own information saving you time in the speaker creation process.

Send the speakers an email and they can quickly add their own details into their profiles.

Speaker Management Tool

Easily see which speakers have completed speaker profiles, who has been added to the summit schedule, and who still needs to complete their details. 

This gives you immediate insight into which speakers are ready and who still needs to finish their profiles. 

Have a speaker who is running late?  With one click you can hide the speaker from the summit without having to delete their whole profile.  When they get you that final material, then simply add them back into the summit with one click.  

Speaker Reminders

Our customizable reminders feature is like having a Virtual Assistant working for you.  Set the dates you want to follow up with the speakers and our software will automatically send them a reminder notification for them to finish their speaker profiles.

If they are already completed they will not receive the notification.  This ensures you are keeping your speakers on time and saves you countless hours of speaker follow up. 

Speaker Gifts & Bonuses

Want to let your speakers get some new subscribers on the summit? Now you can by allowing them to add a speaker gift that will display on their “Speaker Page”.   This gives them the opportunity to add a lead magnet to their page to generate some subscribers making it a win win for you and the speaker. 

Maybe you want to include some bonuses into the summit from your speakers.  Now your speakers can easily add a bonus into the summit.  You simply decide if you want to include it, and at which level/tier you want to offer it and the software will ensure the attendees get the appropriate bonuses.  This will allow you to easily add value into your summit. 


Have a speaker with more than one presentation on your summit?  Now you can easily create multiple presentations and assign them to the same speaker.  This allows you the ability to have a speaker present multiple times throughout your summit without having to create multiple speaker accounts.