Choose between our
incredible summit themes

Lattice Engagement is the first of its kind employee experience solution that helps companies identify what keeps employees engaged

Summit Themes

Choose between our incredible summit themes and with one click of a button have a professional summit built in minutes. 

Landing pages, sales pages, thank pages, and summit live pages all instantly created and auto-populated with all of your summit information ready to go in minutes. 

Simply fill in your summit information and our software will do the rest. 

Summit Page Builder (™)

Our revolutionary & customizable summit page builder allows you to build out customized pages to match your brand and voice.  

Easy to use and quick to implement you can have a summit built that you can be proud of and generate a profitable summit. 

Embeddable Summit Opt In

Want to use your own landing page platform?  Then simply embed one piece of code into your opt in page and immediately integrate with our platform.  

Use the pages you’ve already created and let our software host and run the summit for you.