7 Ways To Keep The Traffic Flowing To Your Ever-Summit

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During a live summit you are most likely getting a lot of traffic from speaker, sponsor and affiliate promotions.

Once that ends it may feel like a ghost town. No problem, you just need to get an “Ever-Summit promotion strategy. Here are a few options.

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This is the easiest and most effective way to fill your summit month after month. Put a little ad spend behind some ads and send traffic to your Ever-Summit. This will keep it alive and keep it generating new leads.

Optimize those ads and you have the most powerful lead generating machine that any marketer or online business has ever known. This is the true power of Ever-Summits. Send it traffic and watch it convert.

This is also the quickest way to get traffic flowing again after the post summit blues. Just turn on the ads and watch it start churning again.


This a great option to draw a little attention to your Ever-Summit. Keep it going, and keep some attention out there for your summit. I don’t recommend doing this daily, as it will begin to appear as “fake urgency”, but once a week or a couple times a month keeps directing people over to the summit.

Also if you use your live’s as a teaching opportunity, pulling from specific topics, or presentations from your summit you can simply make it a teaching video


At this point your summit probably has a life of it’s own. Might as well give it a Page of it’s own too. Super easy; just create a page on Facebook for your Ever-Summit. This will create social proof, and also give you a way to have new traffic discover your summit. Facebook is great about showing relevant information to people who need it. Your page gives Facebook a way to do this. You can also keep the conversation going by updating the page, and posting new and relevant content.


Google needs content right? That is how it survives. When you create a blog it gives Google that content that can be delivered to those who are looking for something on the topic of your summit. This is a super powerful tool.

Additionally people are searching, and sharing relevant and useful content. When you write a blog create a valuable source of information and link to your Ever-Summit. These blogs will live on forever, (just like your Ever-Summit). Over time the more they are viewed and searched the more they are optimized and the more traffic they are shown. Traffic to your blog means traffic to your summit.

The great part about this is with your blog you can write on just about anything you want. Just be sure to connect the dots between that and your summit and give them a link to it.


Millions of people are searching YouTube every day for answers. If you create a few (or create some every week/month) videos on “How To” topics and then reference your summit, you will start to see a steady stream of traffic running to your summit. Think about what problem your summit solves. Make some videos around that problem to get attention, and then direct them over to the summit.

Make one video or make a video every week. It’s up to you, but either way you are going to see ongoing traffic heading to your summit which equals ongoing leads, which ends in profits!


For one you are now an authority and can use your summit as a source of credibility to be able to guest blog for companies in your industry. So do it. Get permission to do a guest blog, write some really amazing content providing value to their audience, and then let them know in the blog that you have this super awesome summit that they can attend for free.

This is a HUGE source of on going traffic. It’s a little more time consuming and difficult to get, but if you do it, you will be rewarded tremendously in traffic!


This is my favorite for two reasons. One it takes a huge amount of the workload off your shoulders. They do the heavy lifting of providing the traffic and you just provide a valuable resource, which luckily is already done and ready to go. (Your Ever-Summit). Two, it lets you become the HERO to your affiliates. They need awesome stuff to promote and want to make money, so give them both.

I like to give 100% commission to my affiliates for any summit they promote and sales they generate from that summit. The reason I am comfortable doing this, is because I know that I will be able to create sales on the back end through my ongoing programs.

For the affiliates if they hear “100% Commission” it’s like you just helped them win the super bowl. You become their hero. So they are going to push hard delivering on going traffic there because you created a win-win-win. And that’s what it’s all about. You do that and you are going to see some amazing traffic coming your way.

So that is 7 super tactical and powerful ways to keep the traffic faucet wide open and flowing with awesome, quality leads month after month.

If you are curious have questions or thoughts about why Ever-Summits are so powerful, I suggest checking out this article: The Power Of Ever Summits.

It’s a great place to learn more about the amazingness of the revolutionary new feature by Virtual Summits Software.

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Whether you are creating a new business or have been running one for several years, the answer is clear. Hosting a virtual summit can completely transform your business. It has the potential to bring you a plethora of opportunities for instant and rapid success.

I suggest you give it a try.

Written by: Jose Aviles\ See the full article here: Can A Virtual Summit Transform Your Business

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