Advancement in technology has revolutionized every aspect of life, especially in the way businesses are now being operated

New trends, competitors, and consumer behavior have caused major disruptions in just about every industry. For most businesses, the key to surviving this new era of uncharted territory is their ability to become a trusted brand that can not only captivate the attention of their audiences, but also become an influence in the lives of their customers.

If you’re looking to position your business as a trusted brand while generating leads to your mailing list at the same time, one of the most effective ways to do so is by hosting a virtual summit.

A virtual summit is essentially an online conference that takes place over the span of several days and covers a wide range of topics within your field. You will most likely organize a summit by inviting a group of speakers to deliver content. You can also do it entirely on your own. Either way, your main objective remains the same. The goal of your summit is to teach your audience about your field in a structured manner. Outlines of each topic covered during the summit are usually given to the attendees.

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Can hosting a virtual summit help my business?

No matter which industry you’re in, the answer is an absolute yes.

Hosting a virtual summit can help your business in the following ways.

 1. Increase Subscribers to Your Email List

One of the biggest advantages of hosting a virtual summit is that it enables you to increase your list of email subscribers. When people sign up for a free virtual summit using their email address, regardless of whether they were invited directly by you or through one of your guest speakers, you will have the opportunity to add them to your subscriber list.

2. Make Money

Virtual summits are more than just effective marketing tools. They can also be significantly profitable. If you’re broadcasting the summit interviews live, there is a high chance that many of your attendees might miss out on the sessions they were looking for. You can then provide them with the opportunity to purchase access to an individual session or an *All Access Pass *that includes every session. Using this strategy can bring you thousands of dollars in revenue that will only increase over time as you host more virtual summits.

3. Network With Important Influencers In Your Niche

Featuring influencers in your summit will allow you to build your brand through association. It will also enable you to meet people who can have a positive impact on your brand. Moreover, the relationships you build with these influencers will likely be long-lasting, which can benefit you in the long run in various ways, such as affiliate partnerships and joint ventures, even after the virtual summit itself is over.

4. Increase Brand Exposure to Customers

It is typical for virtual summits to attract only a few hundred attendees when it is being held the first time. However, if you deploy the right promotional strategy prior to the event, you can attract thousands or even tens of thousands of attendees to your summit. All of this will bring useful exposure to your brand and help establish its name and reputation, especially if you keep engaging in virtual summits consistently.

5. Increase Online Community Membership

If you’re looking for more interaction or engagement within your online community, such as a Twitter group or a Facebook chat, a virtual summit can help tremendously. This is because you can invite summit attendees to join your online community. You can further incentivize them by allowing them to interact with other attendees, submit questions directly to influencers, or ask you for help.

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Whether you are creating a new business or have been running one for several years, the answer is clear. Hosting a virtual summit can completely transform your business. It has the potential to bring you a plethora of opportunities for instant and rapid success.

I suggest you give it a try.

Written by: Jose Aviles\ See the full article here: Can A Virtual Summit Transform Your Business

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