So we all know summits are powerful.

They are one of the Top business strategies for generating new leads, creating authority in your industry, networking with high-level influencers, and creating a spike in your income.

The only problem is that at some point your summit has to end. Or does it.

Traditional summits have run live through the course of their summit at which point they would become a status of “Evergreen”.

Now Evergreen summits are still great. These can be used to continue to create revenues through upsells, down sells, affiliate sells, and even flash sales.

But the true power of a summit comes not just from its ability to make a profit, but also from the ability to grow a massive list and build a following.

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A live summit creates a High Value Low Risk opportunity for people to enter your community and get a chance to meet you virtually. Once that relationship has been started everything is possible.

When a summit ends, it loses that urgency, and takes on a lesser value. Human psychology causes us to undervalue, and disregard “used”, or “old” items. When a summit ends, it becomes “old”, no longer relevant or of value in the eyes of the prospect. (This couldn’t be further from the truth, as we, summit hosts, know the value in the presentations).

All it takes is a little shine, and the appearance of a new/on going summit to rejuvenate and re-ignite the lead generating machine.

Additionally with a Live Summit you may have a very narrow window of opportunity, or short period to generate excitement and attention for your summit. There are so many things that can go wrong to slow down that traffic, like Facebook ads not optimizing, or a post not releasing as scheduled, or speakers not promoting your summit.

Once that window is missed your Live Summit may suffer irreproachable damage. BUT NOT AN Ever-Summit. If something goes wrong you have nothing but time. Your ads can optimize, you can re-ask that speaker to promote, and you can create a funnel of traffic going to that summit. You don’t have to be pressured into getting everything to hit perfectly during that two-week window. You can test and optimize ongoing forever!

This is what the “EVER-SUMMIT” feature creates. Once a summit has ended this new feature allows the summit to be “switched on” with one click of a button.

You can choose for your summit to run on a weekly, twice a month, or once a month basis. Then sit back and let the magic happen.

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Once the Ever-Summit feature has been turned on, you can continue to push traffic to your summit. Traffic from paid ads, or long form content, blogs, Facebook Lives, affiliate traffic, and even automated follow up email sequences.

The traffic comes to the summit landing page and sees that the summit will be starting in “X” number of days (based on the choice you selected), giving it the appearance of a “Live” or yet to happen summit.

Watch the leads continue to flow in on a daily basis, causing your list and following to continue to grow to massive levels.

Not only will the leads continue to flow, but those profits from the summit, they’ll keep on coming as well.

Also don’t worry about the technicalities, we got that covered. Our software runs the summit exactly as if it was a live summit. Opening the presentations on the exact day and time as scheduled, and closing them right afterwards pushing people towards the paid upgrade.

It also ensures that once a person has gone through the summit once, they can’t go through it again. Once it ends (even in ever-summit mode) that attendee will no longer be able to access the presentations, unless they have upgraded their membership level to the lifetime access. If they try to go back in it will simply push them to the upgrade page.

This keeps the urgency & scarcity real, versus fake.

So now you can see why and how this revolutionary new “Ever-Summit” feature can create a massive difference in any business.

This is also why every business should have a virtual summit. A one-time event just became your best top of the funnel strategy all year round.

For information on how to “Optimize Your Ever-Summit” so that it becomes a lead generating machine check out this article.

You can access the Ever-Summit Strategy on the pricing page, or in the billing section of your profile.

For any questions on the Ever-Summit feature contact our team, or follow us on social media at Virtual Summits Software

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