Maybe you are thinking of hiring a special team of people to help you run your summit.

New trends, competitors, and consumer behavior have caused major disruptions in just about every industry. For most businesses, the key to surviving this new era of uncharted territory is their ability to become a trusted brand that can not only captivate the attention of their audiences, but also become an influence in the lives of their customers.

If you’re looking to position your business as a trusted brand while generating leads to your mailing list at the same time, one of the most effective ways to do so is by hosting a virtual summit.

Or maybe you were recommended this consultant that says they can help you build out your summit. Or maybe you have a Virtual Assistant that says they can do your summit for you.9

Having a team help you with your summit is great, although most likely is unneeded.

Virtual Summits Software removes hundreds of hours of work that would normally be needed. It removes the need for a big team, or even an expensive consultant/VA that will run your summit for you.

It makes hosting a Virtual Summit EASIER than ever before. So for you the host this is great news. For less than 1/100th of what it uses to cost, you can run a summit on your own.

The bad news is for these expensive consultants & teams that want you to pay them to run your summit. The real reason is it really makes their work obsolete.

If the person trying to help you with your summit says, “You shouldn’t use this software”, you should immediately investigate the following.

  1. Are they being paid hourly?
  2. Are they going to make affiliate commissions setting you up with “their system”?
  3. Are they unable to “adapt” to anything other than they “way they do it”?

By looking very closely at these items you may save yourself thousands of dollars. Here’s why.

1. Are they being paid hourly?

If this is the case then it’s pretty straightforward. Using Virtual Summits Software cuts the time needed to build a summit from 50+ hours down to about 3 – 5 hours. Of course your consultant doesn’t want you to use the software. It is reducing their ability to charge you about 40 times more for your summit. This is the most common reason consultants say, “don’t use the software. Let me build it out”.

2. Do they make affiliate commissions off you?

The second most common reason summit consultants tell you not to use the software is because they get paid even more than their fees by getting affiliate commissions. Most consultants who are going to help you set up your summit are using many different software or integrations that you will have to pay for, but what you don’t realize is that they are actually receiving a percentage of that costs as their own income.

Yep, you heard that right. They set you up with something, tell you that you have to pay for it, then they turn around and receive a profit from that company right back to them. So of course they are going to tell you not to use the software. Because they are hoping to earn an extra commission at your expense on top of the fee you already paying them.

3. Unable To Adapt.

Many consultants have a special way they want to build your summit because it is familiar to them. (Not to mention the above two reasons). They have done it a certain way before, and instead of taking the time to adapt and learn a new (simpler) way, they would rather you bare the expense over them taking the time to adapt. Why should they spend the time to learn a new system when they can just tell you not to use it? After all they are not the ones paying the bill.


Virtual Summits Software is the ONLY software in the world designed specifically for hosting a virtual summit. It can, will, & does provide a seamless & professional virtual summit experience. It is easy to use & simple to set up.

Of course there are limits to the overall customization that can be done when comparing it to building out a custom summit. However, most of these “extra” customizations are not directly connected to an increase in outcome, but will exponentially increase your cost to run a summit.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution to run your summit, that will work every time & allow you to build your audience & income without the need for a big team/consultant or a big budget then Virtual Summits Software is the only solution.

These are the things you should be heavily considering if you hear the person helping you with your summit say, “Don’t Use The Software”.

There is only one reason someone would suggest not using the Virtual Summits Software, & that is if they have an ulterior motive.

Don’t fall prey to these unnecessary fees & price increases. Play it safe & win big by using the Virtual Summits Software.

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