The struggle of most new (and even seasoned) entrepreneurs is how to get their message, their voice out in the world to those who will be interested in this message.

The fundamentals of building a small business, especially in the online world come down to building a list of followers/subscribers who will look at you as the authority and hopefully purchase things from you to create a profit.

Problem is what do you do if you don’t have a big list, or if you don’t have anything to sell, or what if you are not the authority yet? This is the trap that keeps many entrepreneurs struggling for years.

Good news is there is a way to generate email subscribers, and collect some profits while building yourself as the authority. Even better news is this can work even if you don’t have a current email list, or product to sell.

Virtual Summits are one of the only ways, and a very effective way to kick-start a newer business or to even give a burst of adrenaline into a seasoned business.

Best part of hosting a virtual summit is that the summit continues to bare fruit long after it ends. Through evergreen summits, platform building, flash sales, and even creating a business just from that specific summit.

We run several summits a year and each summit brings in a great profit both from the actual summit but also the additional products we build from the summit. Plus we now have a hot list of qualified leads to start selling other items to.

Best news of all is that a Virtual Summit can be run in any and every industry, and there are limitless options for ideas, topics and themes.

So what are you waiting for, let’s get started planning your next summit!!


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Virtual Summits™ handles all the heavy lifting and gives you everything you need to host your very own virtual summit.

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