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We are looking for Entrepreneurs who want to help their tribes become more successful by implementing a powerful online marketing strategy called a virtual summit.

Do you have a group or community of entrepreneurs who look to you for ongoing training & success strategies?

Specifically if Your Tribe is Entrepreneurs Looking to:

  • Grow their List\
  • Launch A New program\
  • Make more moolah\
  • Increase their authority or influence\
  • Network with other Influencers

Hi, I’m Dr. Mark T Wade, founder of Virtual Summits Software & creator of One-Day Summit Formula. I’ve built 6, 7 & multi 7 figure companies using virtual summits.

I originally built Virtual Summits Software specifically for my companies, but have now opened it up to any entrepreneur looking to quickly & easily host a successful summit.

We want YOU to become a part of our Virtual Summits Influencer program & help your tribe become even more successful by referring them the Virtual Summits Software.

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Who is the Virtual Summit Software for?

It’s specifically for entrepreneurs looking to:

  • Grow an email list of engaged subscribers\
  • Monetize a current list of email subscribers\
  • Automate a successful business so they can do less, while still making more profits.

What does Virtual Summit Software actually do?

    • Allows you to quickly & easily set up a Virtual Summit.
    • No Tech skill needed.
    • No Team Needed
    • Can be done on any budget

Some of the features of Virtual Summits Software:

    • Host multiple summits from one location
    • Landing Page Builder with professional templates already built in.
    • Speaker organization, management & follow up features to handle the speaker recruitment.
    • Runs the summit for you automatically completely hands off.
    • Most powerful feature – Ever-Summit Feature

This feature allows you to re-run your summit automatically, as if it were live, on going forever, with one click of a button!

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